Why We’re Springing Into the New Season With Dove


From your fashion choices to your beauty routine, transitional weather is always challenging to work with. Do I still need a coat during the day? Can I rock a bright lip yet? Stop confusing us, you awkward between-seasons switch!

When it comes to the right routine for your skin though, you’ll want Dove to pamper your body as you head into spring. Here’s why: It’s not sweltering yet, but the sun is starting to feel strong. At the same time, the temperature continues to dip in the evening, making for still-chilly nights. You need to make sure your skin stays balanced and fresh during this seasonal switch. Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash features nourishing nutrients that absorb deep down, without stripping away natural essentials oils. Your limbs are left soft and smooth. So as sundresses and shorts start to dominate your wardrobe once again, you’ll be flaunting legs and arms that are supple and glowing, not dry and damaged. How’s that for conquering the curse of the winter-to-spring seasonal switch?