Wildfox is Like, Totally Clueless


Like every other fashion editorial team, Glam harbors a special place in our hearts for one of the film classics of our lifetimes – Clueless. With quip-worthy quotes that are as recognizable as they are timeless, we pepper quotes from the movie into our daily lives on a regular basis. So when Wildfox released their new spring lookbook, we were like, totally buggin'.

Pulling inspiration from the film, Wildfox co-founder Kimberley Gordon hired models with striking resemblances to Cher, Dionne, and Tai to pose for Cobrasnake photographer Mark Hunter in iconic Clueless positions. “We had so much fun designing, casting, styling and shooting this because it really is a tribute to my 12 year old roots and first inspiration in fashion,” she explained.

From the huge flip phones to Cher's knee socks to Dionne's massive hat, Wildfox nailed their Clueless montage. Click here to see the full lookbook. Now it's officially time for a weekend screening.