Will Miley Cyrus Dress Up As Katy Perry for Halloween?


Miley Cyrus’ ongoing saga with her short strands has taken a colorful turn, as she might become Katy Perry for Halloween.

Though her tongue-wagging performance at the MTV VMAs garnered her very own costume, Ms. Cyrus shared a sneak peek at her costume for the haunted holiday on Tuesday night by tweeting pictures if herself in a pair of wigs. One was a long golden brown wig that set off many flashbacks to her more “innocent” age. The other was Easter egg lavender with blunt bangs.

Though Perry has put away the candy colored wigs from her Teenage Dream era, it’s not the first time the songstress had donned another pop star’s identity. Last year, Cyrus dressed as Nicki Minaj – tattoos, wacky wig, and all – to the rapper’s delight. If it turns out to be true, she’ll have to watch where she aims her whipped cream can bra!