Will She or Won’t She: Is Kate Bosworth Working on a Collaboration with Topshop?


Kate Bosworth and Topshop took us on a wondering Winter Wonderland before the holidays, leading one seriously suspense worthy social media campaign. What resulted was a spirited piano serenade featuring the starlet in a dress and set of heels that she custom-made with the high street retailer!

Now, Bosworth has us wondering what she's up to with Topshop again! Is she working on a secret collaboration? A top-secret collaboration? She spilled a few secrets recently during London Fashion Week.

“I'm working a little bit with Topshop, so I'm excited to see what we come up with,” she coyly said during the brand's show in London on Sunday. Thanks to the Telegraph's investigative journalism, we now know that a series of cryptic tweets from Topshop's chief marketing officer suggest that this is really happening. Said collaboration is set for “spring” and there could be more than just clothing. Perhaps “music and stuff.”

File this under Things That Make Us Go Hmm.