Wipe-Out Foundation Lines Forever With Sephora’s Color IQ


Let's take a moment and talk about a beauty faux pas even the savviest of makeup mavens face: the downright dreaded foundation mismatch. We've all had it happen; the dark line along our jaw, the odd inconsistency in the color of our neck as opposed to the one on our face. These foundation failings are the most common of cosmetic woes as finding a perfect match is a downright challenge. So it was really only a matter of time before the go-to retailer of specialty beauty, SEPHORA, came up with a way to remedy the issue.

Teaming up with PANTONE, the leading authority on color, the two names were the perfect match (no pun intended) to get the job done. The result? Enter the revolutionary COLOR IQ, the first system to scan the skin's surface and match it with a scientifically precise foundation color from over 1,0000 shades, brands and formulas.

The complimentary COLOR IQ consultation, now offered at 26 Sephora locations and soon to be more, is easy, brand bias free, and totally personal. Take a seat at the SEPHORA+PANTONE COLOR IQ table, where a consultant will scan your cleaned skin in 3 places using the CAPSURE spectro-colorimeter. This hand-held device aims to measure the skin's color, including its undertones, texture and surface. Unlike traditional cameras, the technology blocks out ambient lighting and illuminates the skin's surface from three different directions for the most precise match.

After capturing your skin's color, the device will assign each guest a PANTONE SkinTone number. There are over 110 shades that make up the SkinTone library, and each takes into consideration even the most specific of factors, like sun exposure, and hemoglobin. At this point, your SEPHORA beauty expert will enter your number into the Universal SkinTone Library on an iPad. The system will decipher which foundations of over 1,500 stored in the library carry a match to your skin tone. From that point, options can be narrowed down by finish preference, skin type, or brand.

The proof of its brilliance? Upon trying out two different formulas from the list of my foundation matches, one on my right cheek and the other on my left, it was nearly impossible to tell, based on the color, which was which. Both had perfectly blended into the shade of my skin! And just like that, it became official; ladies everywhere have no more excuses for boasting the wrong shade of foundation. Rejoice!

Log onto Sephora.com to find if your local store is carrying the COLOR IQ technology.