Work Out and Stay Cute With BodyRock Sport

Look amazing, feel amazing! That's what Kelly Dooley wants for every woman who rocks her stylish line of workout wear, BodyRock Sport. Frustrated with a lack of stylish, fun workout wear, Dooley set out to create her own line of top-quality sports bras, leggings, tops, and more. The clothing, which the designer likes to call style-wear, is so functional and well-constructed, it can be worn while running a marathon, but it’s fashionable and stylish enough to wear out to dinner straight from the gym! The first thing that caught our eye about BodyRock Sport was the powerful message behind the brand. Dooley creates her products to empower women—what's not to love about that? Check out our interview with the incredible woman behind the brand and find out which trends she can't wait to rock this spring.

Who are the women in your life that inspire you?

Each piece in the collection is designed and named after an empowered woman from cancer survivors to Greek goddesses. I created BodyRock not only because I saw a void in the market but also to honor strong females. I am constantly inspired by women who own their bodies and think of themselves in a positive light. The second you think of yourself highly, others will follow. Many women are dialed to look at themselves and focus on their flaws or things that they would change – BodyRock's Mantra has always been the woman who walks into a room and electrify it with your confidence.

Which BodyRock sports bra is the most popular?

I would have to say that our most popular bra is the Lauren sports bra, which is our floral print bra. Kendall Jenner has actually worn it before and it seems to be the favorite among BodyRock clients. I love it because even though people associate floral with Spring, it's great year round and that's the point that I try to make with all of our pieces. There are no real limits to patterns and fabrics when it comes to your workout gear.

What's your favorite BodyRock product?

I actually have two favorite bras. The Maria is fabulous because it not only is my signature color, pink but it also has compartments for my iPod and my money. The Kendra is my other favorite. I wore it when I ran the Maui Invitational about 3 months before we launched BodyRock and I was well supported for the entire race. The 'Jessica' Moto leggings have always been a favorite because I can wear them with my MuiMiu sneakers or combat boots and not look like I'm wearing workout gear.

What's your go-to work out? Are you training for anything right now?

Running is my go-to and my favorite. I¹m a pretty active person and always have been so I run 4-5 days per week. Swimming is also a great form of exercise and easy on the joints – it's my form of relaxation. I also workout with my fiancé, which is something we both love doing together. Fitness is my life and it's an important part of his so being in a relationship with someone who enjoys working out as much as I do is great.

Which trends are you most excited about for spring?

I'm really excited about keeping the floral trend going but also adding in more pops of color. Neon was a big trend that I'm interested in playing with more and sporty chic is also a great excuse to create even more items that can be worn outside of the gym. Just keeping going with creating a lifestyle brand that makes women feel beautiful in & out of the gym is something I look forward to with each new collection.

BodyRock customers love your products because they're stylish yet functional for a workout. What needs do you take into consideration when designing your products to be functional and chic?

For me, I think it's the little things we add to BodyRock products that enhance their functionality so everything from the side-zip to make taking them off easier to the various compartments for everything from your iPod to a wallet if needed, is really there to just make each item wearable not just in the gym. We always think about creating pieces that can easily be worn underneath a sweater or jacket if you go to the gym straight from work or even wear it after you leave the gym to a late dinner. The colors and patterns are meant to be funky and give off a really chic and not just easy to wear but fun to wear vibe.

What's new for BodyRock this spring?

I am launching a very supportive halter bra as well as edgy ripped leggings!