World Cup Wonder: Kelly Rowland Knows how to Play ‘The Game’



It’s been a big week for Kelly Rowland. After announcing her pregnancy two days ago on Instagram, the newlywed is kicking off the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Rowland joins Spike LeeTimbalandIdris ElbaJanelle Monáe, and other artists who teamed with Pepsi to produce a visual album to soundtrack FIFA’s quadrennial soccer competition. (It makes sense that Pepsi uses the term visual album, popularized by Beyoncé, who’s worked with the company since 2003). Rowland’s Beats of the Beautiful Game contribution is “The Game,” an upbeat anthem of empowerment, accompanied by a short film directed by Lee, on location, in Brazil.

“One of the things I love most about working with Spike with ‘The Game’ is the fact that he said ‘Oh, I really want some drums in there,’ and I said ‘Oh, ok,’” Rowland told The Idolator. “He actually called me while the recording was being done because the drums were played live. So, as the drums were being played, I just—it reminded me of the feeling of when I was in the stadium. It completely vibrates your whole body. It was crazy. So crazy. So, I’m just happy that I had a director who has a great ear too.”

The project also united Rowland with emerging musical talent Jake Troth, who she says was responsible for the tune’s “anthemic” feel.

“He told me he wanted… something that people could really sing along to,” she added. “so when I heard it, it’s just like… a force, and I told him this whole story when I had actually witnessed my first soccer game, and how it was so much energy—the most energy I’ve ever felt like in a stadium or arena, ever. It was the loudest screams I had ever heard in my entire life. One of the players hit the goal, and it jolted me out of my seat. It almost shook me to my core.”

It turns out Troth will also be a factor in producing Rowland’s other baby… her new album.

“I can’t wait for everybody to check him and see what he’s doing because I just want to make sure we get into the studio and get at least 10, 12…20 songs down,” she told Idolator. “He’s just so talented. I love him. He has a wonderful energy as well.”

Rowland doesn’t appear in the video for “The Game,” which you can watch above, but its energy is still catchy, to say the least. Goal!