Would You Want a Foot Fungus from Fishy Pedicure?

Everyone loves finding new ways to primp and pamper themselves, but there's one new trend hitting American salons and spas that is starting to gross everyone out.

It's the fish pedicure, which involves dunking one’s feet into a tank filled with tiny Garra Rufa and Chin Chin fish, who feast on your foot's dead skin cells, deeming a pumice stone scrub completely unnecessary.

The problem is this. Submerging your feet in a tank shared with dozens of other customers—who may have foot fungus or open wounds—makes the idea of these pedicures much more disgusting. Under most health codes, the carnivorous fish are considered to be tools, so they must be sanitized, right? There's no way to do it without killing the them.

Plus, apparently replacing the fish can be quite expensive. As a result, 14 states have banned the procedure, including Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. New York is rumored to be next, and many other states are investigating this procedure and are drafting legislations to ban them. And animal rights groups like PETA are getting behind the ban, saying the fish are treated inhumanely.

For more information, or to find out if your state has banned these pedicures, please visit your state’s health board website.

xx, Valis Vicenty
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