Yahoo for Joe Zee!


We knew that Yahoo was up to something pretty big when they pouched Bobbi Brown to head up their beauty site but now the Internet giant has gained Elle magazine’s creative director Joe Zee!

Speculation began last week that Marissa Mayer had convinced Zee to join her team and today, Women’s Wear Daily confirmed the news.

“It probably is a little bit of a head scratcher coming out of the world of fashion,” Zee told WWD of his decision to leave the magazine after seven years. “But I’m sitting with Marissa Mayer [Yahoo president, director and chief executive officer] and she said, ‘Consider this your playground.’”

Zee’s “playground” so to speak will consist of serving as editor-in-chief and executive creative officer of Yahoo fashion, as well as editor at large of its beauty site once he leaves his post at Elle in May.

“I certainly never shied away from innovation of anything new,” he said. “I can build a staff, I can build something. I think the great thing is, I will be able to conceive, develop and launch this incredible magazine… and do events and video.”

Ah, the Internet—land of opportunity.

“I think the tide has shifted,” said Zee. “Good content is king. People will come to you if you create good content. The perfect example of that is Netflix. Today they are winning Emmys.”

Congrats to Yahoo and Mr. Zee on their new beginnings!