Yoga Inspired Decor


I’m a yogi like so many others out there bitten by the mind-body bug. I take 1-2 yoga classes a week and love the inner peace and sensibility that each practice brings me. Lately, I’ve noticed yoga crossing into a new frontier: home design and décor. It’s a trend that fashion and home goods enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough of.

Imagine having a little bit of that relaxation and spirituality that you go to yoga class for, happening in your very own home…in the form of art, sculpture or just simple home accents. Would it make you feel more Zen? Would it remind you to breathe and let go? I decided to try it out for myself when I fell in love with Pier1’s Yoga Monkey. I brought my gold friend home and placed him in my apartment window. Every time I see him, I smile. Maybe it’s silly but there’s something about seeing a peaceful gesture or pose that reminds me not to get too caught up in all the stresses of life, no less the commotion of living in New York City.

You don’t have to throw your beloved Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel stuff out, just incorporate a few yoga-inspired pieces into your abode and see what it feels like to be reminded of the Chakras. It’s a nice way to bring meaning, focus and balance into your home without having to unroll a mat!

Here are a few Zen décor ideas to get you started:

For more inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to look. Hint: search for meditation rooms!

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