You Deserve More – 5 Ways to Treat Yourself

You work hard and bust your butt all week long. So take some time to reward yourself for all the exhausting effort. Relax, unwind, and enjoy life’s littlest (and biggest) pleasures. After all, you deserve more.

Opt for Two Scoops
Quit counting calories for once in your life and savor life’s simplest, sweetest moments. Instead of ordering a single scoop of fat-free frozen yogurt, splurge on rocky road or a big fat banana split with all the fixings.

Sleep In
This Saturday morning, skip your daily workout and exercise your right to sleep in for an extra hour—or two. You’ve earned the additional snooze time.

Engage in Retail Therapy
Spoil yourself with a few glamorous goodies. A little bit of frivolous shopping might not help your wallet, but it certainly helps feed your stylish soul.

Celebrate Happy Hour
A post-work cocktail with friends is a fab way to lift the spirits. And happy hour is always a great deal. Sometimes you’ll even get two drinks for the price of one. A little more mojito makes a much happier you.

Have a Spa Day
In need of a little TLC? Treat yourself to a luxurious manicure, pedicure, massage, or facial. Some kneading, rubbing, filing, and polishing will have you feeling instantly pampered and prettified.