You Don’t Have To Use Your Hands – Advanced Face Cleaning For Everyone



Your hands are strong, beautiful and capable of many things. Your hands are awesome. They are also dirt magnets that should be kept away from your face at all costs, if you want to avoid acne. This is something I’ve known for years, but haven’t always been good about. Back when I was a teenager, the most popular facial cleaning agents were by the Buf Puf brand (PS: I didn’t know those face scrubbers were made by 3M and that makes me re-evaluate everything I’ve believed about skincare). Now we’re in an inspiring era of facial cleansing. There are face brushes that spin and vibrate and pulsate. There are devices that you can buy from your neighborhood drugstore, or online only from an exclusive purveyor. There are magical sponges that disintegrate over time and use, there are products that will make you reconsider the role of silicone in your daily life. Allow me to expand your face cleansing horizons. These are a few of the devices and innovations in skincare that may deserve room on your bathroom counter:

1. Clarisonic – Clarisonic is arguably the leader of the skincare device pack, and for good reason. They’re amazing. With a brush head for every skincare issue – from deep pore cleansing to acne care and beyond, a Clarisonic is a healthy skin investment no matter what.
2. Foreo Luna – In the grand scheme of at home facial cleansing devices, the Foreo Luna is the cool new kid at school. It looks like nothing else on the market (well, nothing commonly used for skincare purposes). It makes bold new promises about skin cleansing and keeping bacteria at bay. The price isn’t cheap but with the kind of buzz the Luna’s getting, it’s in line to be the next Clarisonic.
3. Pulsaderm–The Pulsaderm doesn’t spin, it pulses. And therein lies the difference. The pulsation, combined with the concave shape of the device’s brush bristles, promise to cleanse the crevices and contours of your face like never before. Pulsaderm also offers silicone and microdermabrasion sponges, as well as a makeup sponge for applying BB creams and foundations.
4. Shiseido Facial brush – Of course, facial cleansing sans hands is nothing new and venerable Japanese beauty brand Shiseido has been heightening the foaming facial cleanser experience for years. No spinning or pulsing or vibrating here, just soft bristles and time honored tradition.
5. SpaSonic – For a more affordable, battery powered version of the sonic spinning brush, check out the SpaSonic. They don’t currently make brushes for specific skincare needs, but they do make a pumice and sponge attachment for applying serums.
6. Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal – On the non-motorized tip, there are some exciting skincare cleansers that keep your hands away from your skin. The Boscia cleansing sponge is made from the Asian Konjac root, which promises to absorb impurities. Bamboo charcoal is used to purify the skin and works as a natural antibacterial agent.

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