You Have Food On Your Face, And It’s Helping You Radiate

Snack and soothe at the same time with these foods that double as superb products for skin care. Femguide's rounded up the top ten kitchen finds that can be used on your face, like honey for exfoliation and toning and yogurt for a rejuvenating mask that will make your skin glow. Olive oil was also on the list, a familiar product in my own beauty cabinet during the winter months when my face becomes dry and flaky.

Many skincare lines, understanding the useful properties of organic products, are using them in their cleansers and moisturizers. Belmondo Skincare, a small, all natural brand, uses olive oil in their face care creations. When asked why she utilized olive oil and other such products, Belmondo founder, Daniela Belmondo, replied, “Organic skincare is the purest form of natural actives and is delivered the way nature intended. They are made from natural and organic ingredients that are high in antioxidants and help to repair, restore and regenerate skin cells without the harmful effects of synthetic ingredients. Plus they are environment-friendly!” Read the whole interview with Kenton Magazine here.

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image via Kenton Magazine