Your 5 Spring Break Essentials According to Elsa Hosk


Spring Break is right around the corner! To get into the swing of things and make sure we were prepped and primed for the occasion, we sought out Victoria's Secret Pink model Elsa Hosk for a few tips on getting ready for the holiday away.

“It’s such a great excuse to go shopping and get new gear for spring and summer,” Hosk told “It’s called Spring Break collection, but these are things that you can wear anytime. It’s always going to look cute.”

“You don’t have to hit the gym five days a week to wear a bathing suit,” she continued (more like winning us over). “I don’t think girls should put too much pressure on each other or themselves.”

So what should we do to look our best? “Being surrounded by love always makes you look your best,” according to Hosk. “Being with your friends and having a good time.” Well, done and done, Elsa.

As for the essentials, here are the top 5 things you need:

1. The Body Wrap Bathing Suit Top
2. A cover up—she prefers a longer one that can double as a top
3. High-waisted Shorts
4. A beach bag that can hold everything
5. A beach towel

Now, who’s ready for Spring Break?!