Your Clarisonic Just Got Smarter


Clarisonic is opting for an upgrade with its newest iteration, Smart Profile.

Slated to hit 5,000 dermatologist offices on May 15th, before rolling out to retail in 2015, the line’s latest innovation will shift its microchip into the brush head to better accommodate a beauty buff’s skin needs and track usage. “The chip in the brush head allows us to create all kinds of protocols for different needs,” Dr. Robb Akridge, cofounder, senior vice president and global general manager of Clarisonic, told Women’s Wear Daily. “For one, we enhanced the turbo button: If you now are cleaning the area around the nose [or another congested spot] the motor picks up 9 percent more and cleans out that area a little bit more.”

The device will also feature a fresh interface with pre-programmed timer for body and face, longer battery like, and even a sensor to signal when to replace the brush head. Plus, the package will arrive wit a drying stand, Smart Brush Head, a Turbo Massage Body Brush, and a magnetic USB charger for the glam globetrotter.

A recent pollution study that found particulate matter, an air pollutant, can be up to 20% smaller than pores, leaving the team to search for a solution. “Inside air is more polluted than outside air,” Akridge explained. “Pollution mixes with the oils on your skin and you never get it off unless you are using sonic technology.”

But the brand isn’t resting on the Smart Profile, as Akridge already has ideas for the next update. “It will be about consumer interaction. I can envision a brush that gives information about how effective a cleanser is.”

And we’ll be eagerly awaiting it like we would for the next smartphone!