Your Hair’s New Secret Weapon: Moroccan Argan Oil


By now, you’ve probably heard of this luxurious oil and how it helps to tame flyaways, revive dry hair, and provide added shine. Moroccan argan oil has been used for centuries for both hair and body. The only downside of this miracle product? Nicknamed “liquid gold,” Moroccan argan oil is often found in products that can be expensive. Enter Suave®. The Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion™ line features Styling Oil, Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (including a Color Care version), and a Deep-Conditioning Shine Mask. The ultra-lightweight formula, suitable for all hair types, is known to give brilliant shine and long-lasting conditioning benefits. The Styling Oil, our top pick from the line, can be used before shampooing as a shine treatment, after the shower as a styling product or on dry hair as a finisher. No matter your preferred use, try rubbing the Oil in between hands to warm it prior to using for an easier, more even application and instant, brilliant shine.