Your Healthy Skin Nighttime Routine


Don’t close your eyes just yet, sleepy girl. Your face needs attending to. That’s right—just as brushing your teeth is simply habit before hitting the hay, your skin’s nighttime routine must be an automatic as well.

These steps should be specific to the evening needs of your skin, which differ from those in the morning. Unlike your get-up-and-go habits, this is more than a quick cleansing and cream application.

First, it’s critical that you wipe away the cosmetics on your face with makeup remover in either liquid or wipe form. These products are designed to sweep away dirt, oil, and makeup so your cleanser can really penetrate your skin. Speaking of cleanser, one with exfoliating beads will help get rid of the dead skin and grime that’s accumulated throughout the day. Next, apply a nighttime moisturizer that focuses on nourishing and repairing. Your skin undergoes a lot during the day; this is the time to try to reverse and heal some of that damage. Finally, apply some relaxing and firming eye cream to help against morning bags—then off to bed.