Your Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide


You’ve collected an arsenal of makeup brushes over the years, but have you ever wondered if you’re using the right blush for the right application? We chatted with the legendary Laura Geller(she’s been in the biz for 20+ years!) and got in the inside scoop from one of the industry’s most recognized beauty experts on the best brush to use when. Bookmark this guide and check out Laura's recommendations below!

Eyeshadow: For eyeshadow, I recommend choosing a soft, short-haired brush with dense bristles. Half-moon shapes are my favorite because they are multi-purpose – you can use them for full coverage or just on the crease of your eye.
GLAM Loves:Laura Geller Eyerimz Brush, $12

Foundation: To apply liquid foundation, opt for a flat brush with synthetic bristles and a contoured tip. The bristles will prevent excess pigment and allow you to apply the foundation smoothly for flawless looking skin.
GLAM Loves:Lancome Foundation Brush #2, $35.50

Blush: I recommend a long-handled, round fluffy brush for the best blush application. Soft bristles in a dome shape will pick up just the right amount of blush to sweep on the apples of your cheeks.
GLAM Loves: Laura Geller Professional Blush Brush, $35.00

Bronzer: Pick a medium-sized, rounded brush with dense bristles. The rounded shape moves effortlessly along the cheekbone and jawline for easy application and blending.
GLAM Loves: Laura Geller Retractable Powder Brush, $15