Zac Posen Lends His Style to the Culinary World


We hardly need a reason to check out the newest restaurants on the scene thanks to the influence of our sister site, Foodie, but with this news, we're officially planning to make reservations at Carbone, like ASAP.

This Friday, Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi of the (very popular) Torrisi Italian Specialties and Parm restaurants are set to open their third effort in Greenwich Village on Thompson Street. Along with the menu that's sure to delight both foodies and fashion fans, the restaurant has brought in stellar and credible talent on the style front.

In an effort to make the staff uniforms as highly regarded as the dishes coming out of the kitchen, Carbone and Torrisi invited Zac Posen to lend his talents to the project! He's created vintage-style vests and tuxedos for the waitstaff to wear on a nightly basis. You know what this could mean – regular Posen sightings over bowls of lobster fra diavlo?