Zooey Deschanel Pairs Her Beautiful Lengths with Pantene

Pantene’s pursuit of beautiful, healthy locks for every hair type has become an iconic standard that everyone has sought to achieve with their own tresses. Zooey Deschanel’s signature hair had the body and luster to represent the brand’s Beautiful Lengths line as the newest spokesperson. The New Girl sat with Glam on National Donate Your Hair Day to chat about her new role with Pantene, her beauty pet peeves, faux pas, and inspiration.

What are you most looking forward to about being the ambassador of Pantene?
Free products. [laughs] I have drawers of products. It’s so much fun. I love trying new things and I think what I like to do with my hair is a little bit ambitious. And I can do it very easily, and that’s nice because you get the right combination of products, and you don’t have to work as hard. If you set your hair, you don’t want to go through all that trouble and then not have it stay. That’s counterproductive. So I think that being able to be working, having the opportunity to work with Pantene is very exciting on the free product front. I’m very passionate about hair, and I love it, so it’s super fun for me to work with everybody. And they’re so passionate about it. And they love what they do. So it’s inspiring for me.

You’ve been washing your hair with heaps of Pantene?

Yes, I have. I brought it. I have it in my hotel room. It smells good, too. Smells like melons. It’s like perfume and hair product in one. I actually washed my hair before bed last night and didn’t dry my hair. I couldn’t find the blow dryer, but my hair looked really good when I woke up, I have to say. It had the natural wave, and it dried really nicely, and it was shiny, and it’s healthy because I use good products, and protect the hair from all the heat and everything. And, I woke up with it looking nice. When you start with it looking good, you just need to manipulate a little bit. So, I don’t know, it works. And it’s totally affordable too, which is nice.

You were telling us earlier one of your pet peeves, what are they?

I don’t like to feel product in my hair. Which is why I really like the Pantene products because, well at least, there’s ton to choose from. So if you need a product with more weight to it, depending on your hair and everything, they have that. They also have all of these products that are really light but hold. It doesn’t feel like there’s anything in my hair. And when you can touch it and it doesn’t feel crispy or anything like that, but it still has hold, which is ideal for my hair. I’ve got like a lot of hair, but the strands are fine. So it could get flat if I have product that weighs it down, it’ll look flat.

What’s your biggest day-to-day hair concern?
Well, my hair is wavy, so it’ll like go straight or curly easily, but it’s more just staying fresh and bouncy. And I think that products that are too heavy will weigh it down and no product, you know, it’s all over the place. So you need something that’s light but still works. You can brush it out in case you make a mistake — you don’t want to have a product that you have to wash your hair to get it out. All of the products are light enough that you can just brush it out.

What are your favorite things in beauty right now?
As far as what to do — I mix it up with products. I’ve been doing my show for the last eight months, so we have our routine down. But like when I’m on the road, it’s kind of like show makeup. So I kind of do a stronger look because you need to be seen from far away. So, you need to have a pretty strong eye. For me, it’s always like black eyeliner – liquid eyeliner, and a brighter lip because it pops. But for film it’s different. It’s more like a little bit more natural. [With my hair], Well, I do a lot of different things. If I’m just going out, I’ll dry it really fast – not with a brush or anything, just so that it dries naturally, because I have some wave. And then I’ll just [take] a curling iron to the ends. But I prefer, when I’m on set, a roller set — I love roller sets — or I’ll use a combination of different Velcro rollers on the top. I like Velcro rollers, and then maybe use a hot roller on the bottom.

You would not leave the house without wearing what?
I usually put on some tinted moisturizer and concealer. I like the Laura Mercier. I feel like it really disappears. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything, which is nice. I don’t want to walk around looking like I’m made up all the time. But then, I usually like to put on some eyeliner and mascara. I kind of have this weird thing about my lashes. They’re blond on the tips, but they’re long. I need mascara to have them show up. It’s like some weird Irish gene or something. I like Rimmel’s Day to Night mascara because the one brush, you can get all the gunk off, and you can build it up which I like. For me, I don’t want something that will clump. I don’t like clumps.

Do you have an inspiration for your nails or your hair?
I’m always looking for ways to be creative with yourself everyday. And I always think that about fashion and hair and makeup and nails. All these things are ways you can express yourself on a daily basis. And I think that it’s fun to be able to experiment. You don’t have to, but it’s nice to be able to experiment with these things. So, as far as inspiration for me, I have certain things that look good on my face. Certain hair flatters me. But then, I like to sometimes do it wavy or curly or straight. It just depends on the day. And it’s nice to be able to do all those different things and have the versatility with my hair.

What’s your biggest beauty faux pas?
Well, I had to dye my hair blonde for a screen test years ago. It’s funny as an actor, if you go in for a meeting and you have a certain color hair, they usually won’t let you dye it back. So it took me a while to get somebody to let me dye it back. It’s one of those things where your hair is not your own. Blonde hair’s not really me.

For more information on Beautiful Lengths or National Donate Your Hair Day, please visit Pantene.com.