3 DIY Floral Arrangements For Different Rooms In Your Home (Video)

diy floral arrangements

Flowers aren’t just to be admired in your garden. Christina Millikin, creative director of Glow Event Design, is here to show you how to make three different DIY floral arrangements for different spaces in your home: entryway table, dinner table, and bedside table. Watch the video above to see how she creates these unique designs.

For your entryway table

Welcome guests into your home with a beautiful floral arrangement that uses a few different vases. In a tall, cylindrical vase, cut some tulips at the base to make them all the same height. Then, use a rubber band at the bottom to keep them in place and put them in the vase.

In a bud vase, only use a couple particularly beautiful blooms. Millikin recommends using a bright flower along with a couple rosemary sprigs. Finally, in a prism vase, she suggests taking some large garden rose blooms and cutting off the stems. Don’t put any water in this vase. Instead, just fill up the prism with the blooms facing in different directions.

For your dining room table

A floral arrangement is a great centerpiece that will enhance the vibe of your next dinner party. When choosing flowers for the dining room table, make sure that the flowers aren’t too fragrant, so they don’t interfere with the taste of the food. You also don’t want to choose flowers that are too high, so your guests can see over the arrangement and speak to each other during dinner. Stick to small, low, clear vases for arrangements on your dining room table.

Smart tip: Using scotch tape, create a grid over the top of the vase that will help you when arranging your flowers. Then, add water to the vase.

Start placing your flowers in each section of the grid. Put the flowers in the vase at an angle, so the stems cross over each other and help give the arrangement a nice shape. “There’s no right or wrong way,” Millikin says. “You can always rearrange if you don’t like the way it looks.”

Just make sure you look at the arrangement from all sides at the end and check that there are no blank spots.

diy floral arrangements

For your bedside table

There’s no better way to make a guest feel at home in your home than with a fresh flower bouquet right at their bedside. First, find or buy a modern vase and fill the vase with water. Take the flowers that you’ve selected and trim them to the right size by making a diagonal cut at the bottom. This will allow your flowers to drink more water.

Place the perimeter flowers in your vase first. Then, add a piece of greenery to give the arrangement some dimension. Clean off the leaves from the bottom that will be hidden inside the vase.

See how Millikin creates all three of these floral arrangements in the video above before your hand at home.