The Internet Is So Confused By This Clear Pumpkin Pie

Photo: C/O Grant Achatz via Instagram

People are known to take pumpkin-flavored things to the extreme come fall. From pumpkin spice Twinkies to pumpkin spice deodorant, we’ve seen it all. Or so we thought. A restaurant in Chicago called Alinea is now serving a tiny, translucent pumpkin pie—and everyone, including professional chefs, is so confused. How?

While the pumpkin pie we know and love comes with a traditional flaky crust and orange puree filling, this one seems more gelatinous in nature. But according to the Chef de Cuisine Simon Davies, it’s not. “It is a distillation of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and clove,” he writes on Instagram, “Texture is very important to us. This melts away. If it were over-gelled it would not be worth serving. The main texture that brings on nostalgia is from the pate brisee.” It’s later revealed that the pie is made with a special machine that turns food into clear liquid. Still confused.

It’s worth noting, though, that Alinea has been named the Best Restaurant in America not once, but three times, and is the only one in the city (one of 12 in the country) to earn a Michelin 3-Star rating. So, whatever it’s made of, we trust Davies with our taste buds. The pie has been added to the restaurant’s infamous 18 to 22 course tasting menu for fall.

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