5 Websites That Make Interior Design Easier Than Ever

interior design websites

Whether you’re doing one room, a small apartment, or a massive house, there’s no denying that interior design is a major undertaking. It can be (read: always is) a time-consuming, pain-staking process, with no shortage of decisions to be made. It’s why interior decorators exist, ready to guide you through the intense process and ensure you end up with a finished product you love. The only downside: Hiring a decorator is pricey with a capital P. Happily, there are now plenty of interior design websites and services that make decorating easier and less stressful than ever — at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay for a traditional interior decorator. Ahead, five worth checking out before your next design project.

interior design websites

Photo: c/o Modsy


How It Works: Take a style quiz to help give the Modsy team a sense of your aesthetic, then send them some photos and measurements of the room you’re working on. Within a few days, you’ll receive two customized 3D designs — uncannily realistic renderings of your room, all laid out to scale. Depending on which package you purchase, you can then make changes and swap things out on your own, or have the designers do it for you, before shopping for all the pieces directly from the site.

Benefits: If you’re not designing a room from scratch, you can upload pictures of any existing furniture you want to keep, and the design team will work around that. And even though pieces are sourced from several different stores and sites, it all goes into one shopping cart — and you get a credit back for shopping directly from the site (either $20 or $50 for every $250 spent, depending on what package you purchase).

What It Costs: $69 for the basic experience, which includes two custom designs and one revision. The Modsy Plus experience ($199) includes unlimited revisions, plus access to your designer via phone, chat, or video, as well as a complimentary shopping service if you want Modsy to order on your behalf.

interior design websites

Photo: c/o Havenly


How It Works:  Choose from over 100+ designers (either by perusing their work on your own or taking a style quiz to get matched), then fill out a room profile to convey what you’re looking for. Based on which package you choose, you get either a 3D rendering or tear sheet with suggested pieces, then you can shop directly through the site.

Benefits: Even after your project is done, you’ll get two or four weeks of post-design support, so if something isn’t quite right once all is said and done, they’ll help you fix it. Also nice: Chatting with a stylist is totally free, even if you’re not purchasing a design package.

What It Costs: $79 for a Mini Design (good for smaller changes or adding finishing touches to a room); $199 for a Full Design, which comes with a custom floorplan and layout visualization, plus a $50 credit when you spend $500.

interior design websites

Photo: c/o Decorist


How It Works: Fill out a questionnaire about your room and project, then get matched with a designer. You’ll receive two room designs, plus a floor plan with helpful set-up instructions, as well as a shopping list.

Benefits: You get to chat with your designer before they put together a design, helping to ensure you’re on the same page from the get-go. New users get 25 percent off their first design, and there’s a separate team to help you purchase all your new goods. They also offer design services for larger office spaces.

What it Costs: The Classic Design Package ($299) and Elite Design Package ($599) both feature two concept boards, one finished design, and direct communication with your designer; the pricier option gives you access to more seasoned designers with five or more years of experience. The Celebrity Design Package ($1299) lets you work with, you guessed it, celebrity interior designers, and includes an additional layout option, plus a 30-minute call with a design assistant.

interior design websites

Photo: c/o Laurel & Wolf

Laurel & Wolf

How It Works: Share photos and your design inspo, and you’ll match with a designer who will help you create a design plan, personalized shopping list, and depending on which package you choose, possibly a 3D visualization and floor plan, too.

Benefits: All packages include unlimited revisions, a reassuring feature for anyone who’s indecisive or worried about making sure the final design is just right.

What It Costs: The Light Package ($79) includes accessories and décor only; the Classic ($149), includes furniture as well, plus a floor plan and 3D rendering. The Signature Package ($249) also comes with a phone consultation with your designer.

interior design websites

Photo: c/o Framebridge Gallery Walls

Framebridge Gallery Walls

How It Works: As anyone who has ever created (or attempted to create) a gallery wall will tell you, it’s a deceptively hard project. This new tool makes it easier than ever. Choose from six different gallery wall arrangements — in 12 different styles — then upload your photos and arrange them into a layout you love. The entire gallery wall comes ready to hang, with all pictures printed and framed.

Benefits: You can move and mix and match photos until you’re satisfied with how it all looks; it also comes with a life-sized hanging guide to make the actual install process super painless.

What It Costs: $235 to $1090