You Know You Want To Try This Chocolate-Flavored Wine


Photo: Rubis

The onslaught of winter holidays inevitably means increasingly decadent things to gorge oneself on, and here's one we can't wait to try: chocolate wine. That's right, it's part chocolate, part wine, and entirely over-the-top. Just don't indulge too much, because this seems like the kind of thing that could impart a hangover to end all hangovers.

The sweet, boozy beverage comes courtesy of Rubis, a UK-based wine company, which sells the drink at Aldi in the UK as part of their wine advent calendar (yep, that's a thing), and online at The Drink Shop. Described as “an indulgent blend of fortified tempranillo wine and premium chocolate flavour,” the wine can be consumed either chilled or at room temperature, and is, of course, billed as a dessert wine. And while we've been known to pair our booze with candy, this one is probably best consumed on its own, or with something comparatively mild, like vanilla ice cream or pecan pie.

If you're still skeptical of chocolate-flavored alcohol—which is, to be fair, probably a healthy reaction—take solace in the fact that Rubis has apparently won several awards. And while you'll have to fork over a pretty penny to ship the $20 bottle from England to the U.S., there are plenty of imitators available stateside, including something aptly named Chocovine. You'll be the inevitable hero of any holiday shindig you bring it to.