Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Famous Banana Bundt Bread Recipe

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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Remember all the fuss Chrissy Teigen caused on Twitter recently? After offering up husband John Legend’s underwear in exchange for brown bananas (she actually went through with it!), Teigen now shares her famous banana bundt bread recipe, which, turns out, is why she needed the overly-ripe bananas to begin with. She tweeted, “This is no longer my banana bread. This is *our* banana bread.” So, you’re saying we’re, like, baking buddies now?

The recipe, which calls for brown bananas, vanilla pudding, dark chocolate, and coconut, will apparently be featured in her next cookbook. “Heading into the final week of recipe developing for #cravings2!!! You guys have been such a huge part of this one…” she writes on Instagram. We are already craving the rest of the celeb chef’s recipes, but in the meantime, we’ll definitely be giving this a try. Check out Teigen’s banana bundt bread recipe below.

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