3 Affordable Items That Can Instantly Transform An Outdoor Space

decorating outdoor spaces

Photo: Glam.com

Looking to upgrade your outdoor space or spruce up your home for entertaining this spring and summer? You don't need to stage an extreme makeover or completely overhaul your decor to pack a punch. We caught up with party planner extraordinaire, Marcy Blum, at a HomeGoods event in NYC, where she curated the location with the retailer's amazing outdoor finds. She offered up a cheat sheet for transforming any space on a budget–and her go-to items are perfect for any area, regardless of how big or small it may be.

The easiest way to update any area? With a refreshing pop of color. “I'm very big on color, especially for outdoor spaces, and I think pillows are a very easy, inexpensive, and impactful way to spruce up a space,” Blum said. Whether you're hoping to add a spring or summer vibe to your living room indoors or want to dress up your outdoor area, a bold, bright pillow (or two!) can instantly brighten up any area.

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If you're hosting a get-together outdoors, it's best to save your fine china and crystal for a more formal dinner party. “All of the┬ámelamine and acrylic pieces are perfect. You can even get glasses that look like Baccarat Crystal but they're actually acrylic,” Blum said. “They're reasonable at HomeGoods, they're ideal if you have kids because they just bounce off surfaces, and they're perfect for outdoor spaces. They look very, very elegant.”

Photo: Glam.com

Even if you don't have the patio pavers of your dreams you can still make your space look super chic, even on a budget, with outdoor rugs. Not only do they elevate any area, but they also protect surfaces, too. “I really like outdoor rugs because they add saturated color for a small amount of money to a small space and they come in all different sizes,” Blum said.

Regardless of whether you're transforming a palatial patio or simply revamping a small backyard, it's best to keep an open mind throughout the process and select fun, functional items that are bound to impress even the pickiest guests.