14 Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Must-Have Products For Productivity

productivity products

If there’s one universal truth about being an entrepreneur, it’s this: The work never ends. And though the concept of being your own boss is exciting, it also means you’re suddenly responsible for, well, everything. This requires a different type of flexibility, and challenges leaders to invest in their multitasking and productivity efficiencies. While these female boss babes are managing their work and their home seemingly effortlessly — they all have a little secret. Or rather, a few must-have productivity products that supercharge their ability to focus. This allows them to meet a deadline and move on to the next one, all without missing a beat. Here, you can tap into their genius — from headphones to supplements.

productivity products

1 Erin Condren Life Planner ($31; amazon.com)

“While I love a good organization or calendar app, there is something about putting pen to paper that really helps solidify plans and goals. This planner easily fits into my work bag, gives me monthly and detailed weekly views, plus room for goals and notes throughout. Call me old school, but I love using it. It makes me feel more accountable. You get the gratification of striking through your to do lists and consciously have to cross through things that conversely don’t get done and have to be shifted back as opposed to clicking.” – Liz Anthony, founder of Mariposa Communications and co-Founder of PressReady

productivity products

2 SAKARA Nootropic Chocolates ($45; sakara.com)

“At first I was hesitant with the trending psychedelics movement, but after doing tons of research, I ventured out to try nootropics. The Sakara Nootropic chocolates are amazing and have helped with my productivity in many ways — adaptogens are meant to give you instant brain clarity and help recover your brain function long-term. To me, it’s a great choice given the short- and long-term capabilities. These are perfect for my on the go lifestyle.” – Ana Pelucarte, co-founder of Pop Up Mob

productivity products

3 NutraSea + D – EPA & DHA Omega 3 Supplement ($21; vataminshoppe.com)

“When you are an entrepreneur, taking risks and dealing with daily uncertainty, you have to be your highest functioning self. A big part of my sanity is lifting weights five days a week, and especially for those into fitness, fish oil is the king of all supplements. It is good for joint health (helps with inflammation), weight loss, brain function (has been said to help with depression and focus), hormone balancing (aka pms and moods), and delivering great skin, hair, and nails. My period/PMS will automatically go off-kilter when I’ve slacked on supplementing during travel, and I can literally feel it in my joints as well. This stuff keeps your mind and body lubricated!” – Effie Panagopoulos, CEO of Kleos

productivity products

4 Prayer Mala Beads ($60-80; prayermala.com)

“The mala beads that I get from Sarita at Tibet Imports in Denver, CO, have proven to be the most effective tool in keeping me productive throughout the day. As someone who was diagnosed with ADD for many years and leaned on pharmaceuticals to keep me on task, it took a lot of self-awareness and mindfulness over the last few years to learn how to build an entire life around being productive without any pharmaceutical assistance. Now, as the owner of my own company and someone who still has a tendency to take on several projects at once, I utilize my mala as a tool to help me stop throughout the day to breath, give gratitude for all that I am capable of doing, and to increase my state of mindfulness. These moments of true intention and purpose help to keep me focused and productive; more than any app or iPhone reminders could ever do.” – Shauna Blanch, co-owner and COO of Color Up Therapeutics

productivity products

5 Rent the Runway Update Subscription ($89/month; renttherunway.com)

“RTR Update fills my urge to shop for something new every month, without breaking the bank or cluttering my closet. With four new styles every month, I’m able to put together new looks for different occasions, from networking to casual weekend events. The shopping experience is seamless, and I don’t need to spend time dry cleaning. After being a loyal RTR customer for a while, the platform knows my style preference and recommends new pieces that work for me.” – Samantha Dong, the founder & CEO of ALLY Shoes

productivity products

6 UBrands Marble Swirl Catalina Felt Tip Pen Set ($8; the paperstore.com)

“Just like any entrepreneur, Margi [co-founder] and I work 24/7, and we each have to wear several different hats. Because there is so much to be done, we can’t possibly remember all of the tasks at hand or conversations we’ve had without writing everything down. Between the two of us, I have been designated the ‘note-taker’ during every meeting so that we document all important decisions made and follow-up work that has to be done. This helps us to stay focused and to prioritize items on our to-do lists. A high-performance pen, like my favorite felt-tip one, that allows me to write smoothly and quickly truly motivates me to stay productive. It might seem like a small item, but when you write a lot, it makes a huge difference.” – Kassia Davis, co-founder and CEO of Fierce and Regal

productivity products

7 Skullcandy Bluetooth Wireless Headphones ($150; bestbuy.com)

“These are a must for increasing my productivity on my work-from-home days. I often need silence while working on a deadline, and I love listening to calming music via Spotify while I do everything. I can multitask with the wireless feature — from finishing emails to making a snack for my kids or jumping on the treadmill. I also will try to jump out of the office for a quick walk to recharge and get back to work more energized and clear-headed.” – Leila Aalam, founder of Beuti Skincare

productivity products

8 Spectra 9 Plus Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump ($180; amazon.com)

“I have a seven month old, and I’m still nursing, so finding time to pump is a big challenge. The compact size and portability of this pump allows me to pump anytime, anywhere — I’ve used it in cabs, on airplanes, during work meetings, and even while getting my hair cut. It has a long battery life, doesn’t make much noise, and works just as well as the larger version you have to plug in.” – Katia Beauchamp, the co-founder and CEO of Birchbox

productivity products

9 Apple Airpods ($199; apple.com)

“Between running around the city from multiple client meetings and new business pitches to brainstorming and design meetings in our office, it’s never the same day twice. Despite loving my job of managing a whole office, it is crucial to disconnect from it at times when I need full focus for client projects. To disconnect from the hustle and bustle and to ensure productivity, I pop in my AirPods. All the chaos around me disappears, and the multi-tasking begins.” – Rita Tabet, COO of Pop Up Mob

productivity products

10 Babolat Jet Mach II Tennis Shoe ($140; amazon.com)

“Without exercise, I would be an unproductive blob. My mind and body would atrophy. Walking and tennis (my newfound wonder drug) keep me alive, alert, creative, energetic, and happy. My Babolat tennis shoes are essential as they are light and cut low around the ankle, allowing easy movement. After my workout, I can conquer anything!” – Diana Liberto, CEO and president of WalkMyMind

11 SodaStream ($90; bedbathandbeyond.com)

“Being a sparkling water addict, I love that I can have this without consuming single use bottles. It’s a perfect mid-work break to go bubble up, and drinking sparkling water keeps me from thinking about food — all the time! The bubbles also keep me upbeat and focused, both of which are must-haves for busy days in the kitchen.” – Tara Lazar, chef and owner of F10Creative

productivity products

12 Health-Ade Kombucha ($4; health-ade.com)

“I have two Health-Ade kombucha drinks daily. Kombucha gives me sustained energy throughout the day. Its B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, increases energy levels and contributes to overall mental well-being and productivity. I swapped out coffee for Kombucha, as it provides enough of an energy boost without affecting my nervous system. Plus, its probiotics keep my gut calm so I can focus on the task at hand.” – Alix Greenberg, founder and CEO of ArtSugar

productivity products

13 Nix Mini Color Sensor ($99; amazon.com)

“I am totally obsessed with color, and I find inspiration for new colors everywhere I go. I’m always seeing colors that I want to turn into a new hoodie, sweatpants or tee, but until I discovered this device, I had no way to capture the formula of the colors I would see. The NIX is a tiny pocket device, so I can take it everywhere I go. It essentially scans colors on the spot and tells me what the equivalent Pantone number is for that color. I can literally scan a leaf in a bush and figure out what the formula is for that leaf. So, I’m no longer bringing leaves into my dye house trying to color match them! This little gadget saves me hours of time trying to figure out how to make a color I saw somewhere. The Nix is definitely a power tool in my book. Thanks for the birthday gift, bro!” – Paige Mycoskie, Founder and designer of Aviator Nation

productivity products

14 Year Of Gratitude Journal ($30; uncommongoods.com)

“It comes with me wherever I go and is a priority every day! When I am home, it sits on the table next to my chair where I spend every morning reflecting and focusing on gratitude. This exercise allows me to calm myself and feel centered again. You can’t be angry, have anxiety, feel depressed, and be grateful at the exact same time. It’s impossible. So, if something or someone is hurting me or causing anything but a positive emotion, I go into what I’m grateful for regarding that situation. On days where I don’t have the opportunity to use my journal, they just don’t go as well.” – Amy Lacey, Owner/Founder of Cali’flour Foods

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"We often receive complimentary products to review at Glam. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a share of the revenue from our affiliate partners."