White Claw Slushies Are The Latest Cocktail Trend, And They’re So Easy To Make

white claw slushies
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Two ways we’ve been entertaining ourselves during social distancing: TikTok and cocktails. And the latest happy hour trend happens to combine the two. People on the popular social media app are now using White Claw spiked seltzer to make boozy slushies and sharing the simple recipes in a series of entertaining videos.

The trend took off after film producer Julia Abner posted a video showing her followers how to “enhance” their White Claw using just vodka and frozen berries. “Take that ‘white girl’ White Claw, open it right up, and you’re just gonna pour, pour, pour,” Abner says in the voiceover while pouring a Lemon flavored spiked seltzer into a blender with ice and frozen fruit. Next, she pours in Tito’s Vodka and jokingly counts all the way to 14. “Now blend, blend, blend,” she adds.

@juuliaabnerHow to enhance your White Claw. ##whiteclaw ##quarantinelife ##fyp ##comedу♬ original sound – juuliaabner

“I call this the ‘my parents still pay for all of my bills’ cocktail,” she jokes. The TikTok video quickly went viral and has over 1.5 million views. Now, users are putting their own spin on the beverage by using a variety of ingredients such as fresh fruits or frozen berries, vodka or other spirits, and various mixers to whip up a batch of delicious White Claw slushies.

Honestly, how did we not think of this sooner? It’s super simple and you can’t really go wrong. Start with the White Claw flavor of your choosing, whether it be a fan favorite like ruby grapefruit or a new flavor like watermelon, then just start adding whatever fruit you have on hand. Additional liquor is optional, but highly recommended.

Ready to try your hand at a White Claw slushie? Scroll through a few of our favorite recipes from TikTok below, and prepare to impress your friends during your next virtual happy hour.

Peach Mango

@jessicadee59##whiteclawslushie ##qurantinehappyhour ##mango##peach♬ son original – charlottecardin_

Pineapple Raspberry

@hurtangellpineapple raspberry white claw slushies 👅👅👅👅 ##fyp ##boredom ##alcoholcheck♬ Boys – Charli XCX

Strawberry Lemonade

@delanaarmeThought I’d hop on the trend 🍓 ##whiteclaw ##whiteclawslushie♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber


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