Video: 6 Reasons It's Totally Okay To Break Your New Year's Resolution

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It's January 12, which means if you made a New Year's Resolution, you're a little less than two weeks into it. And I don't know about you, but mine, which was "no shopping for three months" is slowly killing me, especially when coupled with Facebook's relentless targeted advertising campaigns. I mean, who knew there were so many sales in January? And can someone please invent a plug-in that blocks me from being able to access the websites of all clothing stores? Seriously, this is rough.

Anyway, whether you vowed to drink less, work out more, or do something more obscure but equally as ambitious, we applaud you. But we also recognize that sometimes, it's okay to break our New Year's resolutions. Here is a small sampling of the reasons we may decide to bow out early on self-improvement this year.