16 Luxe Dog Products For Your Spoiled Pooch

luxe dog products


If you’re anything like me, you likely enjoy shopping for your dog more than you enjoy shopping for yourself. Because really, is there anything better in life than seeing their happy faces when you give them a new treat or toy? (There’s not.) So from handmade cookies to sophisticated carriers and chic collars, ahead you will find 16 luxe dog products perfect for when you want to splurge on your precious pooch. Tail wags and slobbery kisses guaranteed.

luxury dog products

Sundays (starting at $75; sundaysfordogs.com)

Our official pup taste tester has tried A LOT of dog food in his day, but this newbie is paws down the one he scarfed down the fastest and was the most excited about. (But it’s not just our tester that loved it; it won 40-to-0 in a blind taste test against other premium dog food.) It’s also our favorite for several reasons. One, the ingredients are insanely clean and high quality—think a minimal list made of 90 percent fresh meat plus real fruits and veggies, all of which are human grade and without any synthetic or chemical additives.

Two, despite the ingredients used, the convenience factor can’t be beat. The formula is air-dried into small, jerky-like pieces—that look like treats more than traditional kibble—so there’s no freezing, thawing, or refrigeration required. The website also features lots of helpful features, like a comparison tool where you can see how this stacks up against 3000 other popular dog foods, and a quiz to help you come up with a personalized feeding plan for your pooch.


1 Casper Dog Bed ($125-$225; casper.com)

Our dog tester rarely sleeps in a dog bed — after all, why do that when there’s a comfy couch and human bed available? But he loved this bed so much that it’s now his preferred overnight sleeping spot, a major endorsement. Made from the same team who created the Casper mattress for humans, it’s made with two different types of memory and support foam for maximum comfort, though is still super durable and touts a machine washable cover. Available in three sizes and three colors, if your dog doesn’t love it as much as mine did, Casper will refund you.


2 The Foggy Dog Collar ($32; thefoggydog.com)

Fashion meets function in these super cute collars. Made with rose gold and gold hardware in a wide array of prints and patterns, there are also matching leash and even poop bag options, too. Plus, many come with detachable bow ties (yes, you need the bow tie). On the function note, the handmade collars features a durable fabric with a nylon core to withstand even hardcore pulling, and they come in four different sizes to fit any breed.

luxe dog products

3 BoxDog ($50-$60; boxdog.com)

Dog subscription boxes are nothing new, but this one gets our vote for several reasons. First, it’s seasonal and comes four times a year; as much as I love my dog, the monthly boxes can be slightly overkill. Also, all of the included treats are handmade by in-house chefs and so pure that even humans can eat them (you better believe we tried a doggie donut). Finally, you get to pick what goes inside. Alongside the included treats you can also choose from toys and other fun and seasonal gear and gadgets, like a vegan nose balm or temporary pet paint.


4 Stella & Chewy Freeze Dried Meal Mixers ($40; chewy.com)

Whether you’re looking to feed your pup a completely raw diet, or just have a finnicky eater, this stuff is the way to go. Our official taste tester couldn’t get enough of the freeze-dried nuggets, available in seven different flavors. Each is made with grass-fed, cage-free, wild caught proteins (95 percent is meat, organ, and bones), plus organic fruits and veggies and essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. Use them as an entire meal, or mix in with kibble to make mealtime extra enticing.


5 Frenchie Bulldog Duo Reversible Harness ($33; frenchiebulldog.com)

The brand behind the first-ever reversible harness, take your pick from a range of fun patterns and prints; think pizza, palm trees, and unicorns, and more. While the harnesses and collars are specially designed for smaller breeds, they also offer one-size-fits-all leashes in the same unique prints.


6 Wholetones for Pets ($45; wholetones.com)

Whether it’s thunder storms, fireworks or separation anxiety stressing out out your furry friend, this convenient and portable machine just might be the solution. Composed music is layered with a special frequency that helps calm anxiety and keep them relaxed. Bonus: It works on humans, too.


7 Malin + Goetz Dog Shampoo ($28; malinandgoetz.com)

Admittedly, we were first drawn to this sudser because of the chic-looking bottle, but we have yet to find a dog shampoo that works better. With natural botanicals, amino acids, and glycerin, it gently cleanses without stripping or irritating your dog’s skin, even if it’s sensitive. Plus, it smells clean and fresh, and never fails to leave a pooch’s coat soft and shiny.


8 Fab Dog Inc Grey Thermal PJs ($25; shop.fabdog.com)

This brand is a veritable treasure trove of insanely adorable dog apparel — everything from graphic tees to fair isle sweaters to color blocked puffer coats — so be sure to check out all their offerings. But go ahead and try to find something cuter than a dog in pajamas…we’ll wait. The only thing that could make it better? They offer a matching human version, too. Just think of the photo opps.

go device

9 Whistle Go ($100; shop.whistle.com)

Like an Apple watch meets GPS, this health and location tracker snaps onto your pup’s collar and lets you keep tabs on your dog in real time (it also notifies you if they’re not where they’re supposed to be). You can also set fitness goals and track their calories burned, monitor potential issues, such as licking and scratching, and even see a 24-hour breakdown of time spent sleeping, playing, walking, and more.


10 Max-Bone Theo Leash ($95; max-bone.com)

Handmade from buttery soft leather, this turns a basic leash into a high-end accessory. There are several options to choose from, but we like this one for its combo of neutral colors and silver hardware. Oh, and you can also customize it with your dog’s name.


11 Wild One Weatherproof Dog Carrier ($180; wildone.com)

Take your dog with you wherever you go, thanks to this all-weather carrier, which fits most dogs up to 25 pounds. A cushioned base, non-slip straps, and front cut-out make if functional and comfortable for both human and pup. And with a structured exterior and sophisticated silhouette, it could easily be mistaken for a high-end tote bag.


12 Wufers Cookie Boxes ($34; wufers.com)

There are the standard dog treats you could get at the grocery store, but why do that when you could order a box of these ah-dorable cookies? All handmade with locally-sourced human-grade ingredients, they come in a variety of different fun and seasonal themes. Also nice: The cookies are packed in recyclable plastic bags and will stay fresh up to 12 months. Though if your dog has anything to say about it, we guarantee they won’t last that long.


13 Gallant ($395 + storage fees; gallant.com)

Stem cell therapies are becoming more and more common in the human medical field; this new company brings the same options to your furry BFF. How it works: Purchase one of these kits and give it to your vet before you spay or neuter. They’ll collect tissue (that’s normally thrown away) in the kit, which is then used to harvest important stem cells that can help treat potential issues your pet may develop throughout their life, including arthritis, torn ligaments, dry eye, and more.


14 Lucy & Co. Holly Jolly Buffalo Plaid Hoodie ($35; lucyand.co)

Is there anything cuter than a pup in a hoodie? We think not, especially when it’s this adorable (and very on trend) buffalo plaid option. It’s fashion meets function, too, with an easy zip closure, leash clasp opening, and made of a very cozy-yet-durable cotton fleece blend. And let’s not forget to mention the fact there’s also a matching puffer coat.

luxury dog products

Absorbine Pet Care SaniPet ($15; amazon.com)

In a time when we’re more stressed about germs than ever, it’s hard to forget about the fact that our dogs’ coats and paws can be a veritable breeding ground for bacteria. Enter this spray, the equivalent of hand sanitizer for dog. The alcohol-free formula (which is infused with aloe and gentle enough for daily use) can be sprayed directly onto their fur or paws to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria in just 60 seconds. File under: Why didn’t we think of that?

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