The 3 Microwave Hacks You Need To Know For Better Leftovers

microwave cooking tips

Everyone loves leftovers, but when it comes to heating them up the next day, sometimes the finished food is anything but appetizing. No need to get hangry, though. Cynthia Linh, a food blogger who runs, is here to share three microwave cooking tips for heating up some of the most common leftovers: pizza, spaghetti, and fried rice.

Dig into her genius tricks above.

microwave cooking tips


Heating pizza up in the microwave can leave the crust soggy, chewy, and nothing like it tasted when it was fresh out of the oven. Instead of opting for cold pizza, Linh suggests using a glass of water to get perfect slice every time.

“Place one glass of water on your plate, so the moisture from the glass of water will keep your pizza from getting gross and chewy,” she explains.

She also suggests heating up the pizza for about a minute to make sure that the cheese gets nice and melted.

microwave cooking tips


On microwaving leftover spaghetti, Linh says, “My biggest pet peeve is when I heat up my food, and I take one bite and one of them is hot, followed by a really weird cold bite.”

In order to get evenly heated pasta, Linh suggests arranging the leftovers in the shape of a donut on the plate. By leaving a hole in the middle of the pasta, the heat will be evenly displaced.

microwave cooking tips

Linh presents an all too familiar predicament: “I’ve got a friend coming over and we need to heat up this fried rice at the exact same time,” she says. “But, as you all know, two plates don’t fit in the microwave.”

Luckily, Linh has a solution for heating up two plates of fried rice in the microwave at the exact same time.

“Take a cup or a mug, flip it upside down as your base, then take your bowl and place it right on top next to your plate,” she explains.

Now, both plates can fit in the microwave and be reheated at the same time. Just make sure that the dishes fit within the circumference of the turntable, so that they don’t topple over.

There you have it! Watch the video above to learn more about these genius microwave cooking tips.