This Stylish Tote Has Two Secret Spouts For Wine

wine tote

These days, there are plenty of ways to sneak a sip, from scarves with hidden bladders to bracelets that double as a flask. But if you’ve ever lugged around a large purse for the sole purpose of smuggling in an entire bottle of wine, you are going to love this find. PortoVino has released a stylish leather tote that’s designed specifically to conceal up to two bottles of wine.

The Double Pour Tuscany Tote features a secret pocket that’s insulated to chill and comes with two removable, reusable pouches that can each hold up to 750 ml of your favorite wine. But here’s the best part: It’s complete with two spouts for discreet pouring. A flap on the back of the bag hides the pouring spouts until you are ready to drink.


Made with vegan leather and lined with a cotton interior, the wine tote looks and acts like an everyday bag. It has enough space to carry your vino and cups, plus your everyday essentials – wallet, phone, cosmetic bag, laptop, etc. – in a separate main compartment. It comes in two timeless colors: chardonnay (tan) and merlot (burgundy).

wine tote

Talk about fashion meets function – and at $90, this wine tote is a steal. Just imagine the possibilities! Movie theaters. Picnics in the park. PTA meetings. (Kidding. Kind of.) This is your stylish solution to bringing back up booze wherever you need it.

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