These Super-Cute Pet Costumes Will Make You Squeal

pet costumes

Costumes are arguably the best part of spooky season. Costumes on pets? Even better. And though your furry friend might hate playing dress up, it's totally worth it for the three seconds of cuteness — especially if you are able to snap a good photo.

Need inspo? Scroll through for some Instagram-worthy pet costumes that'll get guaranteed likes on Halloween. And even if you don't have a fur baby, scrolling through these costumes will certainly brighten your day. You're welcome.


Your pet is probably already guilty of chewing through something, so this prisoner costume universally fitting.

Shop the look: Bootique Prisoner Pet Costume ($11;


Cannot look away.

Shop the look:Rubie's Costume Co It Movie Walking Pennywise Pet Costume ($25;


C'mon, does it get any cuter?

Shop the look:Rubie's Costume Company Sloth Dog Costume ($20;


This tiny hat is almost too cute to spook.

Shop the look:Purple Witch Hat ($9.17;

Hocus Pocus

I suggest we form a calming circle.


Talk about a craft costume!

DIY it:Loofa Dog Costume


Dog as a taco. I repeat: DOG AS A TACO.

Shop the look: Frisco Taco Dog & Cat Costume ($14.99;


Another scrumptious costume idea.

Shop the look:Rubie's Costume Company Pizza Dog & Cat Costume ($12.99;


Just look at this good boy!

Shop the look:Coppthinktu Alligator Dog Costume ($15;


As far as pet Halloween costumes go, this one is pretty dang adorable.

Shop the look:Banana Hat ($9.99;


The ghost with the most.

Shop the look:Beetlejuice Dog Costume ($25;


I'm not crying. You're crying.

Shop the looks:Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissue ($9;


For the cultured pet.

Shop the look:Sushi Pet Costume ($13;


Don't do this to me. Okay, fine. Do.

Shop the look:California Costume Collections Spider Pup Dog Costume ($23;

Tootsie Roll

Not usually considered a favorite candy, but it sure makes an amazing costume.

Shop the look:Tootsie Roll Dog Costume ($13.17;

Fried Egg

So cute, I could eat it. (Not really, of course.)

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo

I Love Lucy, anyone?

Dragon Fruit

Unique pet Halloween costumes, anyone? This dragon fruit hat is a winner.

Shop the look:Dragon Fruit Hat ($10;


The best part is that the dog has absolutely no idea what's going on.

Shop the look:Fleece Shark Costume ($15.99;


Your cat can be king (or queen) of the jungle with this cute, furry hat!

Shop the look:Lion Mane ($12.99;


Why is animals dressed as other animals so adorable?

Shop the look:Frisco Monarch Butterfly Dog & Cat Costume ($10;


This is just too cute. Excuse me while I sob.

Shop the look: Sunflower ($10;

Buzz Lightyear

You are a child's play thing!

Shop the look:Buzz Lightyear Dog Costume ($15;

Wonder Woman

We are here for this feminist Halloween moment!!

Shop the look:Wonder Woman Costume ($15;


A classic costume.

Shop the look:Superman Dog Costume ($10;


Arrgh, this bunny costume is too cute.

Teddy Bear

As if your pet couldn't get any more snuggly and sweet, there's this.

Shop the look:Walking Teddy Bear Costume ($29;

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