Taco Bell Releases New Dessert Quesadilla: The Kit Kat Chocoladilla

kit kat chocoladilla

Photo: C/O Paul Kratt via Twitter

Taco Bell lovers, rejoice! The taco behemoth started selling the Kit Kat Chocodilla in the UK roughly one year ago, and now the delectable dessert finally made it's way across the pond.

It all started with Twitter user Paul Kratt, who shared proof that the $1 dessert ‘dilla is, in fact, being sold and advertised stateside. Soon after, the taco chain confirmed the good news on their own Twitter account.

The mouth-watering new treat is named the Kit Kat Chocoladilla, (a slightly different name than it’s British brother), and it is currently available in select Milwaukee locations til mid-November, according to Brand Eating. The snack is made up of a flour tortilla filled with melted chocolate and pieces of the wafer candy, which gets folded and grilled for optimal melty goodness. Yum!

As if the Kit Kat snack isn't exciting enough, some locations will roll out a Twix dessert quesadilla, too, (which will also retail for a $1). Also new to the chain: a vanilla iced-coffee that's currently available for $1.

I guess it's time to make a trek out to Wisconsin!