6 Wellness Experts Share How They Actually Practice Self-Care

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No matter how silly the term may sound, practicing self-care is crucial to your mental and physical well-being — so much so that an entire month has been dedicated to the cause. September is Self-Care Awareness Month, so to get you inspired to make a little more space in your life for some quality me time, if you haven’t already, we asked six wellness pros what self-care means to them. Do as they do and follow their self-care tips or come up with your own ideas — either way, consider this a friendly reminder to give yourself a little extra TLC this month.

Annie Jackson, Co-Founder and COO of Credo

“For me, self-care is putting my phone away for an entire Sunday. It feels incredible to give myself permission to not communicate with anyone all day and connect with my kids in a real way. Not the distracted, half-listening, trying to answer work emails and kid questions simultaneously kind of way. I also try and squeeze in a power yoga class before work at least twice a week. It takes the daily challenges we face building a business back down to earth, so that I can handle them in stride instead of feeling like my head is going to explode.”

Giselle Wasfie, DACM, Founder of Remix Acupuncture + Integrative Health

“Self-care means making space for myself. It means slowing down to check in with my needs as a human, as simply Giselle. I practice this by not doing as much. Sometimes this means canceling plans, workouts, or meetings that aren’t urgent. It’s really hard for me to slow down or not take on more responsibilities or opportunities. I have crazy FOMO, but I try to let go and practice rest.”

Ashley Kohler, certified yoga instructor and Manager of Yoga the Lake and Bold Cycle at Destination Kohler

“Putting in the time to practice self-care enables me to give more to others. I start my self-care ritual every morning by making a smoothie filled with fresh spinach, peaches, cashew milk, and hemp seeds. I also do tongue scraping, an Ayurvedic practice, every morning to remove “alma” or toxins from the body.”

Elena Flores Rector, Precision Training Talent Development Lead, Flywheel in Chicago

“Self-care means nurturing my body and soul and taking care of me when I feel stressed, sore, tired, or just in a funk. It can look different day-to-day or week-to-week. During the winter, I’ll take myself to a movie — it’s amazing what crying into popcorn while drinking wine can do for the soul! During the warmer months, it can be a mani-pedi or simply finding time to sit outside on my porch and read. My main goal is that whatever I choose to do feels aligned with exactly what I need in that moment, whether it be wine or pretty nails.”

Sylwia Wiesenberg, Founder of BAWDY, Dope Naturally and Tonique

Self-care is ultimately the activities that help define your emotions, physique, outlook on life, and your interaction with the world around you. I divide it into two categories, mental and physical, but enjoyment is important for self-care. I don’t believe in forcing your body or mind to do something you don't like because others do it or to follow trends. The most essential element for me is movement. The goal is a strong, beautiful and healthy body and focused, creative, and independent thinking.”

Serena Poon, wellness and nutrition expert and founder of Serena Loves and Just Add Water

“Self-care means giving myself permission to choose ME over my family, my businesses, my clients, and my friends when my body is telling me to rest, stay in, or just take a break. I practice it daily by spending a few minutes in the morning and at night journaling or meditating and going through my gratitude list and affirmations.”