The Best Sex Toys For Couples

best sex toys for couples

Sex toys are a pretty big deal these days, and while you may think that most sex-cessories are meant for solo play, the truth is that using them with a partner has a number benefits. Aside from the fact that pleasure products can help you reach orgasms in entirely new ways, using them as a couple has been shown to increase communication. “Sex toys aren't just a fun addition to the bedroom, they can really improve your relationship outside of the bedroom, too,” says Carolyn Eagle, chief buyer and curator at Betty’s Toy Box. “Using sex toys is a great way to open up communication with your partner. Selecting a toy, talking about what you want to do with it, and then using it together allows you to share your thoughts and desires openly with your partner.”

Many couples use toys in the bedroom to broaden the conversation about sex, to liven up their sex lives, and to increase sexual pleasure. “I also say that sex toys are great to help you get back your sexual mojo and synchronicity,” says Eagle. “A vibrator used to tease and titillate all over the body is a great way of relaxing, while a clitoral vibe can really help a woman who is having trouble reaching that state of arousal that will allow her to climax with her partner.” Who can argue that?

Here, Eagle shares some of the best toys to use, as the French say, ensemble.

we vibe match vibrator

The We-Vibe Match ($139)

This vibrator was designed by a husband and wife team with dual pleasure in mind. “One end hugs the clitoris while the other vibrates inside the vagina, letting your partner feel all of the sensations as well,” says Eagle. “And, it comes with a handy remote control, so you can take turns driving each other crazy.” Choose from 10 different vibrating settings.

Sliquid Silk Lubricant ($25)

Even if you don’t think you need it, lube can boost the sense of touch while also easing any uncomfortable friction. “A bit of lubricant gives that luscious, erotic feeling when you're making love,” says Eagle. “This one is long lasting so you can go all night!” Sliquid feels like silk and is formulated to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication.

vibrating sex ring

Mio Rechargable Couple's Ring by Je Joue ($100)

The vibrating ring is the OG of couple-friendly sex toys, and there’s a reason why it has withstood the test of time. Not only do the vibrations feel amazing for everyone involved, but the ring helps men stay harder longer. For you, that means more chance of reaching an orgasm.

clitoral vibrator

The Eva II by Dame Products ($135)

This is totally different than anything you’ve ever seen before: The Eva II tucks under your labia and is held in place by the little “arms,” which help it deliver good vibes directly to your clitoris. “During penetrative sex, that means you can be creative and get in all kinds of wonderful positions while the Eva II stays snug in place—hands free,” explains Eagle.

zumio clitoral simulator

Zumio Clitoral Stimulator ($140)

This brand new toy—which features a crazy powerful pinpoint head—is a total game changer. It can be used anywhere (your clitoris, his penis or perineum, your nipples…) to send good feels throughout the entire body. “You can tease each other all night with this lovely toy,” says Eagle. “And what it can do to the clitoris itself is simply mind blowing, delivering multiple powerful orgasms in no time at all.”

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