Carole Radziwill Reveals What She Does When Her Sex Life Gets Boring


Photo: Carole Radziwill Celebrates the 1st Anniversary of Evine After Dark

When it comes to sex, most women are quick to shy away from the conversation, but Carole Radziwill is anything but bashful. The former star of The Real Housewives of New York City recently opened up about her intimate life at the 1st anniversary celebration of Evine After Dark, a sex and intimacy show, admitting that sex can become a bit boring after a while.

“In long relationships, for me, sex gets a little boring because it’s like the same thing,” she said at the event. “I love it, and it’s not about not loving your partner, but it does get a tiny bit monotonous — doesn’t it? You do it this way and that way.”

So, how do you heat things up should sex get a little stale? Radziwill suggests starting with a vibrator, using it externally to stimulate your clitoris as an additional way to pleasure yourself during penetration. “Once you add a toy or a vibrator and then move on to other things, like love rings that vibrate, it becomes really sexy,” she said.


Photo: Carole Radziwill Celebrates the 1st Anniversary of Evine After Dark

On the topic of toys, she continued: “I’m not shy about using a vibrator or telling my boyfriends I use a vibrator. Of course I use a vibrator — I’ve had one since I was like 14 years old,” she said (her vibrator of choice, btw, is by LELO). “I don’t think any guy is turned off with a girl who is pleasuring herself.”

Still, the idea of introducing a toy during sex can be intimidating. To make the conversation less threatening, Radziwill recommends bringing it up before you’re undressing: “Say that when you’re not with him, you masturbate. I mean, every girl masturbates, right? So that’s something you can talk about, like ‘Oh I got this toy and it’s so fun.’” If you don’t make it a big deal, she added, they’re much more accepting.

Bottom line: It’s about pleasure. “If you’re pleasuring yourself and that’s what turns you on, then that’s great and he should love that — and, honestly, in my experience they do,” she said. “If they don’t like it, even though they know you like it, then maybe that’s a red flag.” Preach, girl. Your partner should always be committed to your pleasure, too.

“I think you have to find what your safe place is and how you feel comfortable and how your partner feels comfortable,” Radziwill said, noting that every relationship is different.

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