Finally, A Dating App That Matches You Based On Things You Hate

Photo: Hater

The worst thing about dating has to be the inevitable period early in a relationship when you have to pretend to be chill and open-minded about things you patently loathe, whether it's vegan food or Game of Thrones. Thankfully, modern technology now has a solution to this problem, which will ensure you never have to sit through another seemingly endless episode of a show where all anyone does is die and complain about winter coming. Or, you know, whatever your personal bugaboo may be. It's an app called Hater, and Mark Cuban just invested $200,000 in it on the most recent episode of Shark Tank.

The idea is pretty simple: Instead of listing a bunch of stuff you like, you tell the app all about the things you hate and it matches you with other people who dislike the very same things you do. After all, nothing gets the sparks flying like a heated conversation about how much something sucks. The best part? Instead of having to rack your brain for all the things you don't care for, the app asks you about a bunch of weirdly specific things—everything from “biting ice cream” to The Bachelor to Vladimir Putin—and you tell it if you love, hate, like, or dislike them. Which honestly sounds like a fun activity even outside of the context of a dating app.

The app launched in beta last February, and, according to Mashable, has already seen “tens of thousands” of new downloads following its Shark Tank appearance on Sunday. Which means the person of your dreams—the one who hates cats and butt selfies and spinach just as much as you do—could be on there waiting for you. Oh, and apparently Cuban himself is a user, so if you can figure out what the billionaire dislikes and match with him, well, you could go from hating things in your sad little apartment to hating things on a private jet. Peace out, Tinder.