Kate Hudson Discusses Raising Her Daughter With A ‘Genderless Approach’

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kate hudson's daughter

Kate Hudson welcomed her third child, Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa, in October 2018. This is the actresses’ first daughter, and though she loves being the mother to a baby girl, she and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa have chosen to stay away of labels. In a recent interview with AOL, Hudson said she takes a “genderless approach” to parenting the 3-month-old.

"I think you just raise your kids individually regardless [of their sex] — like a genderless [approach]," Hudson explained. "We still don’t know what she’s going to identify as."

She continued, “I will say that, right now, she is incredibly feminine in her energy, her sounds and her way,” Hudson explained. “It’s very different from the boys.”

Hudson is also the mother to two sons, Bingham Hawn, 7½, and Ryder Russell, 15, from her previous relationship. While she admits there’s “definitely a difference” between raising boys and girls, she hopes to create an environment where her children can figure out who they are on their own, without the limitations that society has placed around gender, and points to her own upbringing for this more modern way of thinking. "I was a tomboy in a spinning dress," she said. "My middle brother, who is closest to me in age, was basically my sister because I put makeup on him all the time, and I’d dress him up and he loved it. But growing up as a girl with all boys, you end up with a thick skin. You really do.” While gender-neutral parenting is still a controversial topic here in the U.S., a growing number of parents are embracing the trend by allowing their children to wear what they like, play with what they like, and read what they like, regardless of traditional gender norms.

Still, the new mom does admit she likes shopping for baby girl clothes -- and who can blame her? "With the boys it was just like onesies... But with her it’s a whole other ball game. There’s some stuff that I’m like, 'I can’t do that to her, because it’s so over-the-top,'" she joked.