Study Shows This Is the Most Common Way People Meet Their Spouse

Online Dating

Online Dating

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Meeting someone new for the first time is exciting, as well as extremely nerve-wracking. If you ask your parents how they met and compare it to the way you met your significant other, chances are the responses are going to be very different. In fact, The Knot recently published their 2017 Jewelry and Engagement Study and found that most couples today meet their spouse-to-be through online dating.

The Knot surveyed approximately 14,000 engaged or recently married brides and grooms from the US to unearth trends and financial spending habits, ranging from engagement ring spending, proposals, and beyond. When asked how couples met their spouse-to-be, they found that 17 percent met their significant other through popular online dating apps or websites. Trailing behind, the study also reported that 2 percent met their soon-to-be spouses on social media.

However, online dating clearly isn’t the only successful way couples meet their spouses. According to the biannual comprehensive report, 17 percent of couples polled said that they met their partner through mutual friends, and 15 percent reported that they met their future spouse in college. In addition, 12 percent met their spouse at work. While dating on the clock can be tricky, for some couples, it came with a happy ending.

What’s interesting is that in a similar study conducted by The Knot in 2015, only 14 percent of couples met their spouse-to-be through online dating apps and website. This percentage rose in the last three years, and with our growing dependence on the Internet and the amount of dating apps readily available, it’s safe to conclude that this number will continue to rise in the upcoming years.

So, if you’re skeptical about online dating, know that it worked for many couples this year. Your prince charming may be waiting for you on web.

The study continued to uncover how couples discuss their engagement and married life long before the proposal, engagement ring spending, how shopping for an engagement ring online is on the rise, and most surprisingly, how one in three couples shop for their engagement ring together.