Real-Life Moms And Daughters Reveal The Secret To A Close Relationship (Video)

mother-daughter relationship

The mother-daughter relationship is complex. Part of growing up is finding your own identity — breaking the rules, learning from your mistakes, forming your own opinions — but we also know that mothers are, in most cases, the first person we turn to for advice. In fact, they say that just hearing your mom’s voice can have the same calming effect as a hug.

The key to maintaining a close relationship is communication. But, let’s face it, talking about personal stuff with your parents isn’t exactly easy. It takes honesty and understanding on both sides — a balance that is often tricky to achieve.

In this video, real-life moms and daughters discuss the importance of communication in their relationship. “I wish I would have taken more time to sit and listen of how she felt and not just dictate,” says one mom we sat down with of the communication she had with her daughter.

Watch while they recall shared memories and reveal the secrets they’ve kept, including hidden tattoos and stolen kisses from boys. “We share a lot more than I realized we shared — we maybe overshare a little bit,” one daughter says.