Serena Williams Shares Meaningful Advice For New Moms

Serena Williams

Meghan Markle is expecting her first child with Prince Harry later this month, and her close friend Serena Williams is sure that she'll be “the best mom.”

The tennis star told E! News that she's confident Her Royal Highness will nail parenthood, and she also offered some advice for new moms, directed at the Duchess. “Accept mistakes and don't expect to be perfect. We put so much pressure on ourselves,” she said. “I had all those high expectations and what I was going to do and then I had what I was going to do. I was gonna recover and I was gonna be great, and this is a time that everything is not going to go as planned…You just gotta go with the flow.”

The pressure to “bounce back” after pregnancy is especially prevalent for those in the public eye. After welcoming her daughter with husband Alexis Ohanian, the tennis champion opened up about her difficult labor and the pulmonary embolism she endured. As a new mother, she spent the following six weeks in bed recovering from the postpartum complications, and admitted that with motherhood comes a slew of conflicting emotions.

“I just want to straighten that record that it takes time, and it’s okay,” she told Who What Wear's The Thirty about postpartum life. “It’s normal to be a woman and not come back in a week.”

Williams' friendship with the Markle dates back to 2010, when they met at the Superbowl. The pair have been close ever since; Williams even attended the royal wedding last year. In 2018, Williams told Metro that the pair has “always had a wonderful friendship,” and that Markle's new royal life doesn't change that.

“Every year for a couple years, she comes out to Wimbledon, has supported me,” she said. “Now she's supporting me in a different role. But our friendship is still exactly the same. We always have supported each other, just been there for each other through a lot.”

Clearly, the two are #friendshipgoals and will probably only become closer as they experience motherhood together.