Shay Mitchell Admits She Is Wearing Adult Diapers To Prevent Pregnancy Leaks

Shay Mitchell

Since announcing her pregnancy in June, Shay Mitchell has been refreshingly honest about her experience by sharing intimate details with fans, including the heartbreaking miscarriage she had back in 2018. Her YouTube series “Almost Ready” documents all the ups and downs that come with conception and pregnancy, and the latest episode tackles a major pregnancy taboo: bladder leakage. In the video, the 32-year-old actress reveals that she's resorted to wearing diapers to cut down on trips to the bathroom.

“Making a conscious effort to slow down has been a bit of challenge, but the farther along I get in my pregnancy the more instinctual it’s becoming,” Mitchell writes in the video's description. “The love is difficult to describe but she already means the world to me. Even if she’s forced me to wear diapers before I’ve gotten the chance to change hers…ha.”

At around the 1:45 mark, the first-time mom-to-be is at a fitting when she reveals that she's been wearing adult diapers. “In a half an hour I went to the bathroom probably 22 times,” she says. “To the point where I was like, 'I'm f**king wearing diapers.'” She then pulls down her pants to reveal a diaper, much to her stylists' shock.

But Mitchell has zero shame. “It gets so annoying having to go to the bathroom all the time,” she says in the second episode of her show. “I peed myself [last night]…. I’ve had to pee way too much. I’m over it.”

Omar Duenas, MD, an OBGYN who works with Rinovum Women’s Health, tells Glam that Mitchell's bladder issues are not unique. “It is common for women to experience bladder control issues during and after pregnancy, including frequent urination and small bladder leaks, which have both short-term and long-term solutions,” Dr. Duenas says. In fact, one out of three women in the U.S. will experience incontinence issues, or small bladder leaks.

And as any mom-to-be knows, balancing priorities can be difficult, so there's no shame in finding creative solutions. “During pregnancy, women can turn to diapers, liners or make simple lifestyle changes like leaning forward when they pee to fully empty their bladder and avoiding nighttime beverages before sleeping,” Dr. Duenas adds.

After pregnancy, Dr. Duenas says tools like Revive, a reusable bladder support product, can help with incontinence. “Practicing kegel exercises can help manage and prevent bladder concerns as well,” he adds. Though it may be embarrassing for some women, bladder leaks are a completely normal part of pregnancy and postpartum. No woman should feel ashamed for doing what she has to do — even if it involves a trip to the diaper aisle.

Click play below to hear more about Mitchell's experience.

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