The 7 Types Of Guys You Meet On Dating Apps

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If you’ve tried dating apps, you’ve probably met your fair share of oddballs, eccentrics, and full-on creeps. Chances are that you’ve also gone on a few dates with the seven types of guys in the video above. Check it out and prepare to nod your head as you laugh.

The underage guy

His profile says that he’s 25, but his baby face and voice cracks say otherwise. His interests include playing laser tag and pining for older women. Sure, he might have a fake ID, but he’s definitely too young for you.

The perfect one with a BIG flaw

At first, he seems like your dream guy — ya know, since he’s a firefighter, is really close with his family, and volunteers with his church. But, as the date continues, red flags start to emerge. He doesn’t believe in wearing clothes and asks you how you feel about butt stuff way too frequently.


The one taking girlfriend applications

Instead of getting to know you naturally, this guy already has a set of questions to screen whether or not you’d be a good match. He asks you oddly personal questions off the bat, like how many other people you’ve been with. Being his girlfriend is a full-time job and your first date is the job interview.

The freeloader

This guy isn’t really looking for a love connection but does need a place to crash ever since he lost his job and apartment. He’s talking to a lot of girls on right now in order to find someone to drive him around and let him sleep on their couch for free.

The one that is fresh out of a relationship

This guy just got out of a serious relationship with another girl and is only using dating apps to try and distract himself from his feelings. Unfortunately, he spends most of the date talking about his ex and comparing the two of you.

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The aspiring actor

This guy is an actor, which is awesome, but he’s more interesting in finding out if you can help him land a role than get to know you. He’ll casually give you his headshot and resume over the course of dinner, just in case. If you live in Los Angeles, then you’ll definitely date of a few of this type.

The guy who thinks he’s perfect

This guy has life all figured out — or, at least he acts like he does. It’s fine that he loves being a substitute teacher and goes to bed early, but he scoffs like all of your life choices are somehow beneath his. This guy is also most likely to freak out on you if you don’t want to kiss him at the end of the night.

Just a heads up: He’s not perfect.

Which of these guys have you met online? Watch the entire video above for their hilarious portrayals.