10 Fragrance Trends That Will Define Your Personal Scent In 2023
Fresh and Green
Fragrances that are fresh and green tend to evoke summer smells like freshly cut grass, leaves, or shrubbery. The Perfume Society explains that fragrances that remind you of a fresh and clean smell will create an ambiance as if you just opened a window to let the air flow in.
Elevated Clean
Now more than ever, people are focused on finding beauty products that are as clean as possible. Some fragrances can cause skin issues, migraines, respiratory problems, and birth defects, so shopping clean means you’re checking the ingredients to make sure it’s as clean as possible.
Nude Skin Scents
A major trend is wearing a scent that doesn’t actually smell like perfume, but that smells like your natural skin scent. The Perfumed Court explains perfumes that remind you of the way skin naturally smells include ingredients like white musk, peach, and bergamot.
Sage and Sandalwood
Sage and sandalwood are connected to spirituality and have been for years. These scents are used to relax the nervous system by reducing stress and calming the mind, so keeping these fragrances around will help you heal from the inside out.
Oils and Mists
Merging fragrances will allow you to create your own personal aroma that no one will be able to replicate. You should start by choosing complementary, contrasting, or linear fragrances and then you can start to layer them, starting with the boldest scent.