Woman in fashionable denim pants holds her hands in her back pockets.
10 Outdated Denim Trends We're Leaving Behind This Summer
High-Waisted Skinny
Current denim trends lean toward a more relaxed vibe. While high-waisted styles are still in, they’re mostly paired with wider legs or a vintage-inspired flair.
Double Denim
Once the epitome of fashion perfection, denim pieces in the same color can look too matchy-matchy. Instead, mix it up and play with different shades.
Overly Distressed
Strike a balance between a bit of wear and tear and an overall polished look by letting distressed spots complement your outfit rather than steal the show.
Extreme Low-Rise
Ultra-low-rise styles that have our underwear showing are out this season. Not because we want to keep it classy but because they are simply uncomfortable.
Daisy Dukes
While we still love Daisy Dukes, slightly looser and longer denim shorts have taken center stage. They provide a relaxed, effortless look perfect for casual wear.