Young woman in spa receiving facial mask.
10 Red Flags Your Facial May Be Going Wrong
1. Excessive Inflammation
Some redness is normal after most facials, but excessive redness can be a sign of an allergic reaction or that a chemical peel was applied to a blemish and aggravated the area.
To avoid this, talk to your esthetician about sensitive skin beforehand, and see a dermatologist if your redness or inflammation persists for more than a few days.
2. Feeling Heat or Burning
If you've got sensitive skin, allergies, or certain conditions such as psoriasis, getting the incorrect facial will likely lead to inflammation and a leftover
burning feeling.
Excessive heat can also result from non-allergic reactions to certain plants or plant derivatives, sun exposure, or a failure to properly neutralize the chemical peel before use.
3. Frequent Break Outs
One of the side effects of facials is that your skin will break out afterwards. Some facialists call this the "purging" of your skin, but it shouldn’t be happening excessively.
You can blame the excessive breakouts on either a lousy clean-up process, prescription meds, or the inability of your skin to breathe through the thick and oily products applied.
4. A Rough Technician
Facials are to be delicate procedures, and a good esthetician should only use gentle pressure and movements to complete your treatment, even if it’s the extraction
of blackheads.
If you feel that you're being roughly handled, voice your concerns. A good facialist will listen to your worries and take a step back if and when your skin requires them to.
5. Bleeding After A Facial
While it is entirely possible to have some bleeding during your facial, your esthetician should make sure that you're not walking out with any active bleeds after your facial.
Excessive bleeding is possible if your esthetician was a little too rough with the extractions, and too much pressure was put on pores that weren't ready to be cleared yet.