10 Signs It May Be Time To
End Your Relationship
You Argue Constantly
While arguments have their place in healthy relationships, constant fighting is not normal. If nearly every conversation with your partner takes a negative turn or ends in a shouting match, it’s probably time to call it quits.
No Emotional Connection
If you and your partner find it increasingly challenging to communicate, it may be a sign that your connection is diminishing. When you no longer want to share things with your partner or find yourself dancing around the truth instead of speaking your mind, it could be that the spark is simply gone.
Lack Of Interest
If you don’t ever feel like having sex with your partner or even feel repulsed by the idea then something is definitely off and you need to reassess your relationship. It’s normal for couples to experience dry spells, but if neither of you has any interest in working toward a solution, it might mean that the relationship is on its way out.
Wanting Different Things
When you and your partner want very different things, you have to evaluate whether you’re willing to make sacrifices and whether they’re willing to do the same. Not wanting the same thing as your partner isn’t always a dealbreaker, but if you disagree on big things like having kids, it might be a sign that you’re not meant to be.
Attraction To Others
If you find yourself constantly daydreaming about someone else, that’s usually enough to indicate that you’ve fallen out of love. Mental health counselor Masharat Mujib says that in these scenarios, the best route is usually to end the relationship since staying with someone you’re no longer in love with isn’t healthy for either of you.