10 Signs That You're Not Ready To Get Into A Relationship
Feelings For Your Ex
One of the most blaring signs that you're not ready for a new relationship is if you're still struggling with lingering feelings for your ex. You'll know you're ready to give your heart to a new person when heavy-hitting thoughts of your ex are no longer consuming you.
Major Life Transition
If you're in the process of a major transition such as a severe diagnosis, a move, a divorce, a recovery program, or a job hunt, you might not be in the ideal position to be dating someone. New relationships can suffer when they are built on shaky and unstable foundations.
Never Been Single Long
Always jumping from relationship to relationship can be a sign of codependency or a lack of proper processing of old breakups, so consider being single for a while if you never have before. When you wait a solid amount of time between relationships, you give yourself the chance to heal.
Negative Feelings
If you're feeling turned off and grossed out by people of the gender you're typically romantically attracted to, you are likely not in the right headspace to begin dating. It's also true that if you continue to affirm pessimistic statements such as "men are trash" or "there are no good women left for me," they can become self-fulfilling prophecies.
You Favor A Liberated Lifestyle
If you're the type of person who loves to freely and casually hook up with whomever you want, a committed relationship might not be in the cards anytime soon. The only exception here would be if you choose to engage in a polyamorous relationship where everyone involved is aware that they're part of an open relationship.