10 Signs Your Friendship Is Toxic And Needs To End
They’re Demanding
A major red flag is if your friend constantly seems to need something from you, but when you need them, they’re not there for you. If you can’t meet their demands, they will make you feel guilty, and if you feel anxious to check your phone due to the chance they might call or text, it’s a toxic friendship.
They Don’t Apologize
A friend who is constantly messing up and refuses to apologize — defending their behavior instead — is a major red flag. Another sign is when they apologize but proceed with defensive behavior anyway, because a true friend would make sure you feel better about yourself, not worse.
They Don’t Care
If you feel you’re the only one putting in the effort, this is toxic, because a friendship should consist of compromises. If your friend is always asking for your help but refuses you when you need them, this is toxic, and if they couldn’t care less about your life and concerns, that’s a red flag.
You’re Not Yourself
A friend who forces you to do things that you’re not comfortable with is not a true friend. You’ll come to realize they couldn’t care less about your values, and if you ever feel unsettled, uncomfortable, or not yourself in their presence, then trust your gut and call the friendship off.
Center Of Attention
If your friend is self-centered and needs to be the center of attention, chances are they don’t really care about you. It’s not healthy to always be caught up in the drama, and if your friend always expects you to give them your undivided attention, regardless of what’s going on in your own life, this is a sign they’re toxic.